About Aman

Aman Cyber Security was launched to defeat cyber dangers and overcome the issues that come up when you face such attacks. Our teams work tirelessly to provide greatness when it comes to cyber strategy to ensure your safety. Aman is on your side; we take cyber security seriously so that your organization can reach its maximum potential without the danger that illicit communities present.

Message From The Company Founders

You will be able to eliminate all disruption and threats with the continuous and expert cybersecurity support offered by Aman. We believe that it is essential for companies to understand fully where the cyber risks are persisting in order to fearlessly reach their full potential. Aman’s work is dedicated to helping clients execute control over cyber risks by providing them with in-depth analysis and frameworks to expand without risk to their operations. We are confident that we can help you defend against any obstacle thanks to the practical and actionable methodologies, state-of-the-art technologies, diverse teams, and decades of experience we have behind us.

We aim to build and execute real-world, agile solutions that can offer defence and protection within the unparalleled system of partners, programmes, and products we have created. Our adaptive and scalable methodology has helped safeguard modern businesses and helped to lay out the defences to fortify them for the future.

Cyber risk is eliminated by Aman so that you can stride into the future with confidence

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Our Vision

To serve as a world-class cybersecurity consulting and management firm that provides clients with innovative, real-time, actionable solutions for cybersecurity.

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Our Mission

Empower. Protect. Serve.
To provide exceptional cybersecurity experience to our customers, employees, and communities that will enable them to eliminate cyber risks and threats.

Our Values

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What Makes Us Different?

Aman offers a chance for organizations to feel safer against the risks and possible attacks that comes from all over the world. We believe that we are able to create a difference for companies in the cybersecurity world in three ways.

Local and Global Standards

We combine the needs of local businesses with global standards of cybersecurity. It doesn’t matter what the size of your organization is –we can design stellar security solutions to fit your specific needs but still comply with international standards for security. This makes your company more versatile in every way!

Prioritising Strategy

Our cybersecurity consultancy is dedicated to ensuring a safe future for your organization. We envision a strategy for the long run, keeping in mind how cyber-attacks are routinely evolving. We implement a strategy according to your business needs to ensure that you can stay protected from cyber risks without any obstacles stopping your operations.

Talented Expert Team

Our cybersecurity specialists have studied from the best universities of Canada and the UK. They have a combined experience of decades when it comes to dealing with cyber criminals, so you can rest assured that your organization is in very capable and reliable hands. You can expand fearlessly when you have a world-class cyber defence in place.

Join Aman

Aman offers a creative and challenging environment for you to explore and learn as part of a team with cyber specialists from all over the world. While cyber security and protection from illicit attackers is incredibly serious work, we create a fun environment where you can dedicate your skills to make physical and online spaces safer for our clients. Join our team now!

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