cyber security operations consulting

What is cyber security operations consulting

Cyber ​​Security Operations Consulting develops and implements cybersecurity architecture postures, and evaluates technology policies, and information security asset management practices to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the network. The advantage of the network architecture and to protect customers against unforeseen costs caused by security events, while also reducing compliance.

The Network Security Consulting services offered by Aman today form the basis for all comprehensive solutions for current networks in order to prepare them for all forthcoming challenges.

Cybersecurity Operations possesses

Tietoevry says that “Cybersecurity Operations is the procedure that shows us what we need to do to safeguard strong cyber defenses.”

Cybersecurity operations are the processes that show us what we have to do to keep a strong cyber defense, and these are the capabilities that are needed in order to be successful in these operations.

  • Protection and Prevention: Cybersecurity stands better served by prevention than by reaction. Any type of attack log can come from endpoints or from network resources like routers, firewalls, IDS applications, email and others. To protect against and prevent attacks in all attack phases, design and implement the necessary security controls and mechanisms required by the organization. Policies and technology should empower each other to ensure optimal results.
  • Investigation: Analyzing the vulnerabilities in an organization’s network and operations is the first step in any security analyst’s investigation. They examine them from an attacker’s perspective and assess any key indicators and exposure points before exploiting the organization. Before they can respond effectively to a security incident, analysts typically identify its type and then perform triage to understand the onset of the attack.
  • Adaption: Adaptation of cybersecurity Operations Capabilities must constantly evolve, and the evolution is largely driven by these three main influences: events, external changes, and internal changes. If you’ve assessed your performance, you need to understand what you must do to reduce the probability of them happening again, constantly adapting to changing threats.
  • Response: If a breach is detected, you will go through a high-accuracy response if you have a high-quality detection. This means acting as a rapid responder, executing tasks such as isolating endpoints, stopping malicious processes, preventing them from executing, investigating file deletion incidents and deleting and restarting endpoints, and reconfiguring systems. Remedy to limit the damage as quickly as possible.

Cyber security operation consulting services

To ensure business continuity and to maintain your sensitive data, you must ensure good security operations. Proper security operations include identifying the highest-risk threats to your organization, streamlining threat analysis for swift response and minimizing overall risk with the help of technology policy reviews and information security asset management. Cyber Security Operations Consulting will help develop and implement network security architecture, among others.

The services that are usually provided in Cyber security operation consulting are:

  • Cybersecurity Regulation Consulting Services
  • Security Information and Event Management
  • Network Security Architecture Design & Implementation Consulting
  • NGFW / UTM, VPN, Threat & Prevention Platform Configuration
  • Wireless Networks and Firewall/Web Application Firewall Configuration

Cyber security operations center(SOC) and what Does SOC Do?

A cyber security operations center (SOC) is a group of experts who ensure that the organization is able to run securely at all times by monitoring, detecting, investigating, and preventing cyber threats. SOC teams are responsible for ensuring that the organization’s assets including data, intellectual property, business systems, and brand integrity are protected. SOC is the central point of collaboration in all coordinated efforts to monitor, assess, and defend against cyberattacks. SOC is tasked with carrying out the organization’s overall cybersecurity strategy.

A SOC is the hub of an organization and takes in telemetry from its networks, devices, appliances, and information stores located anywhere. The members of a SOC team perform a variety of activities like proactive monitoring, incident response and recovery, remediation activities, compliance, and coordination and context. They also employ people, processes, and technology for continuous monitoring and improvement of an organization’s security posture.

The main functions performed by SOC are:

  • Preparation and Preventative Maintenance
  • Take Stock of Available Resources
  • Continuous Proactive Monitoring
  • Alert Ranking and Management
  • Threat Response
  • Incident Recovery and Remediation Activities
  • Log Management
  • Root Cause Investigation
  • Security Refinement and Improvement
  • Compliance Management
  • Coordination and Context

Why does an organization need cyber security operations?

By 2023, 60% of enterprises will be victimized by major breaches due to the poor decision-making of their security. Today, your organization’s security and resilience largely depend upon the security decisions that you make. The new digital landscape is changing businesses, but it also introduces new threats. If you cannot safeguard yourself, how can you expect trust to be a major asset for your business? 

Cyber Security Operations Consulting is very important for every firm to protect against the growing number of sophisticated cyberattacks and unknown threats. It takes precision and intelligence to combat cyber attacks and unknown threats; you need to create or improve your security operations center (SOC) to match the best practices in cybersecurity. Cyber Security Operations Strategy & Design gives you a better security posture.

Cyber operations vs Cyber security

Cyber Operations are mainly concentrated on attacking your enemies. Cyber Operations involve exploiting target systems in order to breach the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of those systems using training in network penetration testing, network defense, computer operating systems, communications technologies, and network security to steal data or disrupt processes.

Cyber Security is heavily focused on defending your networks. It involves defending the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of your networks and data, identifying threats that try to exploit the CIA Triad, and responding to vulnerabilities and risks in order to prevent future attacks. 

Get the best cyber security operations consulting

Our cybersecurity professionals can offer a broad range of cloud cybersecurity consulting services for your company. They include an assessment and strategic roadmap, information security planning and policy formulation, governance counsel and program design, as well as cyber defense maturity assessments. Static solutions and cyber defense will always be at risk of attack with constantly evolving cyber threats. We offer the precision and intelligence protocols you require to address unknown threats.

Our solutions provide the precision and intelligence protocols necessary to block unknown adversaries. Our comprehensive end-to-end, multi-level cyber defence security operations consulting can create a response system that utilizes the latest technology and ethical use of the dark web for the accurate and quick response and actionable insights.

The cyber defense specialists of our firm are highly skilled and trained professionals who have worked together for decades in dealing with cyber criminals and illicit communities. Our cyber experts can offer innovative and adaptable solutions for the cyber defence of your organization. You are your organization with our service

  • Optimize security intelligence operations
  • Develop security intelligence operational maturity
  • Design a robust SOC