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Overview of Innovative Cyber Security Saudi Arabia

Cyber security Saudi Arabia is an important topic of conversation now. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a regional leader in the Middle East when it comes to the importance of cyber security. With rapid advances in technology, it is no surprise that the country has increased its investment in cyber security in recent years to ensure the safety and security of its citizens. The government, private sector, and citizens have come together to create a cohesive, unified effort to effectively address any potential security threats. The government has put in place strong legal frameworks to protect data, works to continually update the government’s cyber security system, and provides information and resources to citizens on how to protect themselves online. The country’s private sector is also actively engaged in continuing to develop and implement up-to-date cyber security solutions. Furthermore, the citizens of Saudi Arabia are aware of the need to stay safe online and are actively participating in staying informed on the latest cyber threats and security solutions.

Cyber threats that face Saudi Arabia

Cyber threats pose a serious challenge to businesses, governments, and citizens around the world, and Saudi Arabia is no exception. In the wake of a rapidly expanding and evolving digital landscape, Saudi Arabia has seen an increase in cyber threats both domestically and globally.  

Saudi Arabia is considered an attractive and ideal country for investors. Known for the world’s largest oil production, geographical location and strong economy. As the country continues to embrace the use of technology to become a modern and interconnected society, similarly, cybercriminals have also spread their influence in this country. This led to the establishment of the Saudi National Cyber Security Center (SNCSC), which was officially launched in February 2017. According to statistics, Saudi Arabia suffered nearly 1,000 cyber attacks in 2016 alone. According to the Internet Cyber Security Threat Report, some notable facts are:

  • Saudi Arabia is the country most affected by ransomware in the Middle East and Africa region and ranks 31st globally.
  • Between 2016 and 2018, Saudi Arabia ranked sixth globally as the country most affected by cyber-attacks.
  • In 2019, the highest average cost per data breach in Saudi Arabia was SAR 22.4 million.
  • Organizations in Saudi Arabia experienced a significant amount of malware attacks, ranking fourth among MEA.
  • Finance, banking, hospitals and healthcare organizations are also increasingly under threat.
  • Shamoon re-emerged in November 2016 after 2012, disrupting the operations of about 15 Saudi state agencies and corporations and destroying 35,000 computers at state-owned oil company Saudi Aramco in a matter of hours.
  • Cyber attacks in Saudi Arabia currently cost around $6.53 million.

These attacks have not only caused huge financial losses, they have also undermined and damaged the reputation of the country. The energy sector is particularly vulnerable. It is therefore essential for Saudi Arabia to be aware of the cyber threats that it faces and to develop strategies to protect against them.

Saudi Arabia cybersecurity regulations and law

Local cybersecurity laws: This anti-cybercrime law was enacted in Saudi Arabia in 2007. The main objective of this Act is to identify and punish cyber criminals, ensure computer and information security, protect the public interest, morals and protect the national economy. The National Cyber Security Authority (NCA) has issued certain guidelines and documents to regulate cyber security. These documents include:

  1. Essential Cyber Security Controls (2018)
  2. Cloud Cyber Security Regulation (2020)
  3. Critical Systems Cyber Security Controls (2019)
  4. Remote Work Cyber Security Controls

Application: The Cyber security ksa Law, with its punitive measures for cybercrimes, applies throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to all ministries, authorities, establishments, government-owned companies and entities, as well as to any private sector organizations. Furthermore, the National Cybersecurity Authority has mandated certain requirements for these organizations to adhere to.

Obligations: The ECC mandates that NCA be notified of any cybersecurity occurrences and that incident notifications, threat intelligence, breach indicators and reports will be shared with NCA in a regal manner.

Sanctions: Under the Cybersecurity Law, any cybercrimes committed can incur fines of up to SAR 5m (USD 1.33m). Additionally, the Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL) authorizes a fine of SAR 3,000,000 (USD 800,000) for the disclosure or publication of sensitive data and a general fine of SAR 5m.

Future Of Cyber Security In Saudi Arabia

The Saudi government has already taken a number of steps to protect its citizens online. It has established a cyber security strategy and provided training to its citizens on the importance of cyber security. Additionally, the Saudi government has outlined a number of regulatory frameworks and laws to protect businesses from cyber threats.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is recognizing the need for robust cyber security measures as it works towards realizing the objectives set forth in Vision 2030. Acknowledging the potential damage that malicious cyber-attacks can cause to businesses and other entities, it is imperative to ensure the development of a secure digital infrastructure in order to meet the nation’s ambitious objectives.

The global cybersecurity industry is predicted to reach a valuation of $366.10 billion by 2028, and the industry trends in Saudi Arabia will likely mirror this development. It is forecasted that the Saudi Arabia Cyber Security Market will experience a compound annual growth rate of 12.4% between 2020 and 2026, with the market size estimated to reach SAR21.

It is anticipated that the global cybersecurity industry will reach a substantial market value of $366.10 billion by the year 2028. This growth is expected to be mirrored in Saudi Arabia, with the regional cyber security market forecasted to experience an impressive CAGR of 12.4% over the next 8 years.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has recently rolled out the CyberIC initiative in an effort to strengthen the nation’s cyber security posture. This program will provide a platform for 40 startups specializing in this field, and foster the growth of 20 new companies through the Cybersecurity Challenge. Additionally, it intends to sharpen the capabilities of over 10,000 Saudi nationals and bolster the domestic cybersecurity ecosystem.

CyberIC is taking on the challenge of upskilling 10,000 individuals in the cybersecurity industry. This program will provide 1,500 national authorities, 150 cybersecurity officials, and 5,000 individuals with the necessary training to hone their leadership abilities and sharpen their cyber skills.

Top cyber security companies in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has seen rapid expansion and modernization in recent years, which has led to a corresponding growth in the development of its digital infrastructure. As such, the need for cyber security and IT risk management is paramount in order to protect data and ensure the safety of users. Fortunately, Saudi Arabia has a range of cyber security companies providing comprehensive solutions to businesses and organizations of all sizes. we’ll try to review the top cybersecurity companies in Saudi Arabia, highlighting the best and most reliable cybersecurity solutions for businesses in the region. We’ll look at the services offered by each company, exploring their unique approaches to cyber security and their strengths.

Aman Solutions for cyber security: Aman solutions for cyber security is the best cyber security in Saudi Arabia. Aman offers organizations with expert cybersecurity risk management, cyber defence, and testing and assurance services that help you track and stop adversaries from different illicit online communities. We act as the shield you need against threats, risks, vulnerabilities, and attacks that might harm your operations and financial systems. Our cybersecurity analysts and risk managers come from the best universities around the globe, acting as your best defence.

Aman is proud of the highly-skilled team that we have acquired of individuals from the best universities from Canada and the UK. Their unparalleled knowledge, skills, analysis, support, and expertise will ensure that you are able to get the best intelligence and cybersecurity services to meet your organization’s objectives efficiently and accurately.

Aman has a combined experience of decades when it comes to dealing with cyber criminals that can work to your advantage. Aman’s ethical hackers, cybersecurity specialists, cyber engineers, and testing and assessment professionals can help you develop a cyber security and defence strategy. This team is the best cyber security Saudi Arabia Team.

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