Aramco CCC

Understanding Aramco Cybersecurity Compliance Certificate(CCC)

The Cybersecurity Compliance Certificate(CCC) program was developed to verify that all Saudi Aramco third parties adhere to the Cybersecurity Standard (SACS-002) cybersecurity criteria. Saudi Aramco uses the Aramco Cyber Security Capability (ACCC) framework to assess and categorize businesses. The purpose of this classification is to guarantee that partners and other businesses doing business with Aramco uphold the highest standards of cyber security in order to safeguard networks, infrastructure, and sensitive data from potential cyber threats.

The Third Party Cybersecurity Compliance Certificate’s advantages

  1. Enhanced Reputation

    An organization’s dedication to cybersecurity is demonstrated by its acquisition of the Aramco CCC Certificate. A vendor’s reputation can be enhanced by this certification, increasing its appeal to clients other than Aramco.

  2. Competitive Advantage

    Having the Aramco Cyber Security Certificate can offer vendors a substantial advantage in a competitive business climate. It might be a distinction that helps them stand out from rivals who aren’t certified.

  3. Obtaining New Opportunities

    Aramco frequently collaborates with a wide range of suppliers and vendors. Vendors can access new business prospects and contracts with this massive global energy company by receiving the certificate.

  4. Lower Risk of Cybersecurity

    In the end, the certificate lowers cybersecurity risks for Aramco and the vendor. Vendors are able to detect and address vulnerabilities, lowering the probability of cyberattacks and the possible harm they could bring to a company’s finances and reputation.

  5. Cost Savings

    Dealing with a breach’s aftermath is more expensive than preventing cyber disasters. By making an upfront investment in cybersecurity safeguards, vendors can save a significant sum of money.

How to get certified

Preparation of certification requirements

  1. Businesses that want to register with Saudi Aramco and conduct business must abide by all the rules of General Requirements.
  2. Send out a request for completion of the third-party classification template to each and every Saudi Aramco supporter firm that your company conducts business with. AMAN will help here.
  3. Determine the necessary certification categories and evaluation standards.


Verification and issuance of consent

  1. Before the assessment is verified, submit the Third Party Cybersecurity Compliance Report, Third Party Classification Template, and Third Party Classification Confirmation Letter to the authorized audit company like Aman Solutions For Cyber Security. Aman will help you with all of this procedure.
  2. A third-party cybersecurity compliance report will be created by the approved audit company when the supplied documents are verified.


CCC Validation and Renewal

  1. The CCC is good for two years after it is issued.
  2. A new certificate needs to be obtained and submitted if your organization is given a new contract that contains a cybersecurity classification type that isn’t covered by the currently existing certificate.
  3. Your organization needs to submit a new CCC before the two-year period expires.
  4. It is noteworthy that Saudi Aramco and audit companies recognized by the CCC will communicate on a regular basis.

You will receive the Aramco Cyber Security Certificate upon passing the compliance check. It’s important to remember that earning the certification takes time. To maintain it, audits and assessments must be done on a regular basis.

Difficulties in Getting the Certificate

Although the Aramco CCC Certificate has many advantages, vendors may face certain difficulties along the way to certification:

  1. Allocate Resources
    It may be necessary for vendors to commit substantial financial and human resources in order to fulfill the certification standards.
  2. Adherence to Regulations
    Vendors may need to adhere to a number of national and international legislation in order to meet the requirements for the Aramco Cyber Security Certificate, which would add still another level of complexity.
  3. Ongoing Enhancement
    Sustaining the certification calls for constant work and advancements in cybersecurity procedures. For vendors, this can be a constant struggle.

AMAN can facilitate this process for you by facilitating preparation, supervision, and implementation.
Obtaining the cybersecurity compliance certification from Saudi Aramco offers numerous advantages to companies. It lowers the likelihood of cyber incidents, enhances the company’s reputation, fosters consumer trust, and demonstrates a dedication to cybersecurity best practices. Additionally, it aids companies in adhering to rules and fending off emerging cybersecurity risks.