Cyber Risk Management Services

We are dedicated to offering you world-class turn-key cyber risk management solutions, designed to identify, evaluate, and mitigate security risks that threaten your organization. Our multi-level defense system equips our partners with the most cutting-edge tools to prepare your organization for managing cyber risks.

Security In Depth

We Understand That The Cybersecurity Landscape Is Highly Dynamic And Fluid And Needs Enterprise-Level Risk Management Security Solutions At Competitive Costs. That Is Why We Deliver Measurable Benefits To Public And Private Businesses By Supplementing And Advancing Their Risk Mitigation Programs And Establishing A More Robust Security Force For Them.

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Review Risk Controls

Our cyber risk strategy starts with a review of your organization’s existing risk control framework and environment. We obtain an in-depth insight into your cybersecurity safeguards and measures in order to assess your organization’s approach towards malicious activity, including breaches, unauthorized access and other threats.

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Identify Vulnerabilities

We will use our findings to identify the vulnerabilities and gaps in your security system in order to develop a practical, proven, and prioritized strategy. This will strengthen your existing cybersecurity risk management program and help your organization achieve a stronger security posture, empowering it to mitigate future risks and threats that your business may encounter.

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Implement Risk-Focused Programs

Using our extensive experience in risk mitigation, world-class threat intelligence, and tried-and-true methodologies, we will customize and implement a cyber-risk management program that is specific to your business needs, aligns with your organization’s goal, and is based on a sound understanding of best practices and compliance.


Experience and Expertise

We are a team of highly experienced and qualified individuals who have spent years fighting against cybercriminals. Our engineers have studied from global universities in Canada and the UK and have post-graduate degrees in the field of cybersecurity, which make them uniquely suited for offering support and solutions when it comes to cybersecurity risk management.

Personalized Solutions

We do not rely on one –size-fits-all solutions, but offer you highly customized services.. We understand that every organization has unique and specific needs when it comes to their data protection and resilience. That is the reason why we create a tailor-made solution for every organization we work with, which focuses on eliminating its core risks while being aligned with the organization’s objectives.

Proud Partners

At Aman our mission is to make your organization safer and free from the ever-evolving cyber threats. With us as your partner, you have access to our highly certified and experienced engineers who can offer you reliable ongoing support for years to come.


Building a cyber plan and road map that is compliant with the cybersecurity framework is something that we assist organization with. This solution will ensure that any data stored within the organization is safe from any potential dangers. The best cyber risk management personnel will ensure that your organization is completely protected and that there are no breaches or hazards.