Cyber security Testing and Assurance

Aman provides high-quality and thorough cybersecurity testing and assurance services that can ensure you can detect risks, vulnerabilities, and breaches throughout the organization’s network. There is a huge variety of penetrative tests and assessments that we execute to outline any possible risks to your organization.

Security In Depth

Your organization’s security systems must be functional, comply with contractual obligations, and safeguard your customers and partners. The purpose of cybersecurity assurance services is to create and install software that secures a company’s data and resources while also meeting its requirements and being robust to vulnerabilities and failures.


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Rigorous Testing To Identify Threats

We offer a robust cybersecurity testing and assurance strategy that can identify any threats and risks to your data, framework, and operations. We execute a series of assessments at every level of the organization to detect any exploitable points of entry so that you have an in-depth analysis of the current systems through a blackbox penetration testing to see what an outsider attacker sees, or as whitebox testing as insider attacker

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Recommendations for Security Solutions

We develop a full report of the possible attack points and vulnerabilities along with an assessment of the practical solutions you can implement to safeguard your organization. The cybersecurity strategy we outline for you will represent all the measures that you can take to avoid costly breaches.

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Complete Cybersecurity Assurance

Cybersecurity testing and assurance services ensure that you are following the best practices and meeting compliance requirements when it comes to your cyber defence and security systems. We ensure that your firm is compliant so that your data, products, operations, and consumers are protected such as data in transit, stationary data, processed data.

Why Choose Us?

Innovative Testing Strategies

Aman offers high-quality cybersecurity testing services that assess your systems and framework for any possible points of entry that attacks could exploit. Our multi-level testing provides deeper insight into your current security framework for better implementation of a cyber security program.

Rigorous Assurance Services

We ensure that you are compliant to local and international regulations with our world-class assurance solutions. We analyse your organization on multiple levels to ensure that your systems are working according to global standards. This can protect your organization from cyberattacks.

Safeguards At Every Level

Our team of cyber security experts and engineers have developed safeguard solutions that can protect your organization at every level –no matter the size of operations. We work tirelessly to ensure that you have the reliable and expert support you need to run your organization without any issues.

Robust Testing and Assurance for Cyber Security and Defence

Our vulnerability scanning and assurance team will work with your organization to get an insight into the security structure. We provide you with proven, risk-based services through a holistic testing and assurance process, including regular audits, vulnerability scanning and penetration tests, cloud security and device assessment, and more, to identify and remediate vulnerabilities and ensure your cyber environment remains compliant.