Security research and development (R&D)

Aman’s security research and development (R&D) group uses advanced threat detection and management strategies to help our clients enhance corporate defense.

Top Focus Areas of R&D

In today’s highly adversarial environment, our objective is to revolutionize business by transforming research findings into practical and impactful solutions. Our R&D  team is dedicated to developing cutting-edge cybersecurity products, proudly Made in
Saudi Arabia, that can help our clients excel in the face of adversarial challenges and safeguard their digital assets.

Advanced analytics for security breaches

Enhanced data protection, at scale

Independent evidence-based cyber threat intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in the world of Internet of Everything

Blockchain solutions for securities lending

Cybersecurity incident and response Management

What Differentiate Us?

Saudi Arabia’s 2030 goal of becoming “a global leader in cybersecurity” places a great deal of emphasis on research and development (R&D).

Vision 2030

Aman solutions are strategically aligned with the objectives of 2030 visions. With a strong emphasis on building innovative technologies and solutions.

Team of Expert

Our multidisciplinary team of brilliant minds collaborates seamlessly, utilizing their collective expertise to build truly revolutionary tech products.

Research & Development

Aman Team is passionate about the relentless pursuit of knowledge, fueled by the desire to develop industry-leading tech products.

Join Aman

Aman offers a creative and challenging environment for you to explore and learn as part of a team with cyber specialists from all over the world. While cyber security and protection from illicit attackers is incredibly serious work, we create a fun environment where you can dedicate your skills to make physical and online spaces safer for our clients. Join our team now!

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