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In this context, user refer to any third-party that visits and engages with the Website and is neither employed by Aman Solutions and acting in the course of their employment nor engaged as a consultant or a provider of service to Aman Solutions.

By accessing this Website, we assume you have read and accepted the terms and conditions. If you do not agree or comply with these terms and conditions, we strongly suggest you discontinue using this Website.

Intellectual Property and Acceptable Use

  1. All content used on the Website, unless it was uploaded by a user, remains the property of Aman Solutions. In the terms and conditions, context refers to any text, images, graphics, video, audio, data compilation, software, page layout, website code and any other type or format of information that appears on this Website. By continuing to use Aman Solutions, you accept that the content is copyrighted, trademarked and has database and intellectual property rights, together with any future rights and renewals or extensions. No user is allowed to use any logo, trademark, or service mark displayed on the Website without the prior permission of Aman Solutions.
  2. Users are only allowed to view, retrieve, and display the content on a computer screen for their own personal and non-commercial use.
  3. Users are not permitted to otherwise use, copy, modify, reproduce, or distribute content for commercial purposes without prior written permission fromAman Solutions.

Prohibited Use

Users may not use Aman Solutions’ website for any of the purposes listed below:

  1. In any way which results in damage to the Website or tamper with another person’s use or experience of the Website.
  2. In any way which is illegal, abusive, illegal, threatening, harassing, damaging, or otherwise offensive or breaches an application law, rule, regulation, government directive, etc.
  3. Making, storing, and sharing digital copies of the copy-righted content without the expressed written permission of Aman Solutions.


  1. Certain organizations like search engines, government organizations, news agencies, and online directories may link to our Website as long as the link i) is not deceptive; ii) does not falsely imply approval, endorsement, and sponsorship of the linking party; and iii) fits within the context of the organizations that has linked the Website.
  2. You may find external links from others sites on this Website. These sites are not owned or operated by Aman Solutions or its affiliates, unless stated expressly.
  3. Aman Solutions does not assume any responsibility or obligations for the content on the Website and any liability that may result from damage or loss arising from the use of these sites.
  4. The presence of an external link on the web pages does not in any way imply the endorsement of the sites or their operatorsby Aman Solutions.

Privacy Policy

You can check out the Privacy Policy here: (please add link to the document section).

Website Availability and Disclaimers

  1. Any online services, tools, and information that the Website makes available are provided on an “as available” and “as is” basis. Aman Solutions does not provide any guarantee that the service will be free of fault, errors, or omissions.We are under no legal obligation to update the content on our Website.
  2. Aman Solutions does not accept any liability for non-availability or disruption during the use of the Website.
  3. Aman Solutions reserves the right to change, remove, or suspend any part of the Website or the whole of the Website, including but not limited to the services and products it offers.
  4. Aman Solutions will not be liable for any loss or damage of any nature as long as the Website and the services and information therein are provided free of charge.

Limitation of Liability

  1. Nothing in these terms and conditions will exclude or limit our or your liability for personal injury or death resulting from the negligent use of the Website.
  2. Nothing in our terms and conditions will exclude or limit our or your liability for fraudulent activities or misrepresentation.
  3. Aman Solutions will not be liable for any losses arising from events out of our control.
  4. Aman Solutions will not be liable for any business losses, including (but not limited to) loss of income, revenue, profit, expected savings, contracts, commercial opportunities, and goodwill; loss of corruption of software, data, or database;and any consequential or indirect loss or damage to the maximum extent permitted by the law.


  1. A user may not transfer any of their rights or obligations herein to another person or entity. Aman Solutions may transfer its rights and obligations when we have reasonable cause to believe that it will not affect your rights.
  2. We may change Aman Solutions’ terms and conditions at any time. It is the responsibility of the user to check the terms and conditions on a regular basis to ensure they remain aware of the current version.
  3. The current terms and conditions, along with the privacy policy,contain the entire agreement between the parties pertaining to the subject matter.
  4. No delay, omission, or failure to exercise any right or remedy by a party provided under this agreement or the law shall be deemed a waiver of that right or remedy.
  5. If any competent legal or judicial authority finds that any of the provisions in the terms and conditions are illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, that provision will be subject to deletion, without changing the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.

Privacy Policy

At Aman Solutions, privacy is the heart of our business and we design and operate our services keeping in mind your privacy at all times. This Privacy Policy highlights the types of safeguards we undertake to make the use of the Website safe and secure.

Your Acceptance

Your continued use of the Website will be assumed to constitute your understanding and acceptance of the practices described in the privacy policy.

When Do We Collect Personal Information?

We collect information about you when:

  1. You use Aman Solutions or any of its affiliate websites.
  2. You engage the Website services, either in a personal capacity or as a representative of an employer or client.
  3. Your personal information may be disclosed if our client is your employer or service provider or if we acquire your information directly from you, individuals or associates who know you, or from public or subscription sources.
  4. You apply for a job position at Aman Solutions.
  5. You attend a webinar or an event sponsored or hosted by Aman Solutions.
  6. You contact us for any enquiry or complaint.

Information Sharing

At Aman Solutions, we have a policy of not renting or selling personal information to other individuals or company. We may share information in a few limited contexts:

  • We have your expressed consent.
  • We may provide such information to business affiliates and trusted partners for the sole purpose of processing your personal information on our behalf, only on our instructions and in compliance with the appropriate security and confidentiality matters and Privacy Policy.
  • We may share information submitted under your account with us among all our services in order to provide you with quality services and a seamless experience.
  • We will provide prior notice before using your personally identifying information in the event of an acquisition or merger with another company.

Data Security

We take appropriate security measures to protect against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction of data.

  • We assure compliance with data protection principles.
  • We ensure your data is collected and used lawfully and ethically.
  • We process your data only to fulfill our operational needs or contractual or legal obligations.
  • Client data will not be retained longer than necessary to complete the contractual obligations of the client.
  • We will provide appropriate security measures and safeguards to prevent unauthorized access to client data.
  • We will ensure that user and client rights are properly exercised.
  • We will make sure that all staff is made aware and follows the standard data protection practices and guidelines.
  • We will ensure that all queries and concerns about data protection are dealt promptly and effectively.
  • We will regularly review and update data protection procedures and guidelines within the organization.


Children’s Information

One of our foremost priorities is to add protection for children while they are using the internet. We advise parents and guardians to observe, monitor and guide their children’s online activities.

You must be at least 18 years old to use this Website. The Website is not intended for children and Aman Solutions does not knowingly collect data relating to children. If you think that your child provided their personal information on this Website, contact us immediately and we will make sure to promptly remove all pertaining information from our database.

Changes to This Policy

Aman Solutions reserves the right to change or update its Privacy Policy from time to time. We will send you a prior notification of such changes so that you may familiarize yourself with the new policies.

Contact Us

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